Drain Blocker (Portable)

The Darcy Portable Drain Bladder with lance is an ideal portable device is for drain protection, particularly for blocking pipes and drains from 10cm to 35.5cm.

The lance enables manholes to be blocked without the need for confined space equipment.

The portable drain bladder was developed initially for the emergency services with the support and assistance of the emergency services and environment agency.

Advantages of the Portable Drain Bladders

  • One bladder fits all pipes from 10cm to 37.5cm - therefore there is no need to carry a range of bladders
  • Bladders cannot be overinflated, when the bladder is at the correct pressure you will be unable to pump any further
  • No pressure gauges - no risk of bursting the bladder
  • High volume pump for fast inflation
  • Retaining rope to recover and reuse the bladder
  • Easy to assemble lance and bladder grip for quick deployment
  • Broad range of chemical compatibility
  • Quick release coupling

Simple to use Portable Drain Bladders

The portable envirovalve bladders can be easily operated in four simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Using the lance and holder, insert the bladder into the pipe
  • Step 2 - Pump up the bladder until it is not possible to pump any more
  • Step 3 - Remove the lance, remove the pump and move to the next bladder
  • Step 4 - Bladder is now blocking the drain 


£375.07 £450.08 inc VAT
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