Boom - Containment (33cm x 10m)

Designed for long term deployment in all inland and sheltered inshore waters with slow currents.

Key benefts:

  • Durable construction
  • Sealed floats and ballast make boom vandal proof and unsinkable
  • Suitable for long term deployment.
  • Light weight and compact, stores on Trident reel or aluminium dispensing unit
  • Quick and easy deployment and recovery
  • Available with a number of connector options making it easy to use in any situation.
  • The sealed-in weights make this the easiest boom to clean
  • The boom concertinas to store in small areas such as car boots or emergency trailers
  • Long term deployment or emergency use
  • Standard simple overlap connectors to prevent any pollutant or rubbish getting though
  • End fittings for stakes or rope (available to order)

£377.19 £452.63 inc VAT
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