Boom - Debris (60cm x 10m)

Suitable for marine environments including rivers, harbours and estuaries we provide an extensive range of debris booms to contain floating debris. As well as debris, these booms can be used to contain oil and also be used as a safety barrier system.


  • Designed for permanent deployment
  • Use in areas of high and on-going spill risk
  • Suitable for deployment during emergency spill situations
  • Contain oil and floating debris that can then be collected and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Fabric Details:

  • PVC - manufactured from PVC coated onto woven nylon scrim with good water and oil resistance. 5 ply construction (2 x nylon scrim, 3 x PVC), 3mm thickness, brown colour (can be varied), breaking strength = 98kN/m (10 tonnes/m)
  • PVG - manufactured from PVC/PU blend coated onto woven polyester scrim with good water and oil resistance, 4mm thickness, black colour, breaking strength = 300kN/m (30.6 tonnes/m), flame retardant and static dissipative.

£1,256.10 £1,507.32 inc VAT
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