Sockit Tray (900mm x 600mm)

Sockit Tray is crafted using patented material and textile technology developed for our market leading Sockit Filtration System. The tray is designed for use in interior and exterior locations where the containment of oil is required but where water could be a factor and potentially cause secondary contamination.

The tray is specially designed as a drainage bund for the containment of leaks and spills from equipment, machinery, and valves on all sites where potential oil spills could occur. The Sockit technology allows rain or other water to pass through the tray whilst retaining and absorbing oil and silt.

Sockit Tray combines the technology of the Sockit filtration system and is an all in one disposable environmental tray with flexible walls. Retains hydrocarbons (oils) and silts safely while allowing water to filter through.

Constructed by fusing together layers of our patented materials which are capable of absorbing oil and silt while allowing filtered water to pass through.

Sockit Tray will not only retain new leaks and spillages but will mop up previous spillages with its fully absorbent base. It is supplied with Velcro straps for fixing and for securing for disposal.

Product Info:

  • Size: 900 x 600mm
  • Quantity: 1
  • Capacity: 4 litres

£72.23 £86.68 inc VAT
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