4 Drum in Line - Poly sump pallet

Spill containment sump pallets - secondary containment systems designed to collect drips, spills or leaks from oil and chemical drums.

Rotationally moulded polyethylene sump pallets resists UV rays, corrosion and chemicals. Our sump pallets are tough, chemical resistant and lightweight. They have removable plastic mesh floors for easy cleaning. The large sump capacities catches leaks, drips and spills preventing spread. Complies with current UK and EU environmental regulations. Forklift entry points for portability when empty.

The effective containment prevents the spread of pollutants into the watercourse and accidental discharge into drainage systems. By preventing the spread of oil or chemicals across the floor damage to the floor is greatly reduced, even eliminated, and reduces spill clean up time.

To meet legislative requirements sump pallets must contain 110% of the contents of a single container drum.

£148.30 £177.96 inc VAT
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